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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

96 Different Groups in Canada Provide Confidential Help After Abortion (not just before)

Alberta (8 centres)

British Columbia (14 centres)

Manitoba (5 centres)

New Brunswick (3 centres)

Nova Scotia (2 centres)

Ontario (31 centres)

Quebec (31 centres)

Saskatchewan (2 centres)

In trying to help someone from British Columbia a few weeks back who'd contacted us because she was faced with an unexpected pregnancy she wanted but her boyfriend did not, I called a BC crisis pregnancy center (CPC) in what I guessed would be this person's area. The CPC Director, Tracy Lum of North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre of Fort St. John, was wonderful and said she'd be glad to talk with this woman and would await her phone call (all we had was an email; I had put the two of them in touch that way and I hope they were emailing at least).

Tracy also told me of the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) and that, while Canadian CPCs began as pregnancy centres, they have virtually all also become providers and/or referrers of post-abortion counseling in Canada. This is similar to the additional service provided by many crisis pregnancy centers here in the U.S.

CAPSS' Mission Statement: "to help women and babies across Canada." Simple as that.

The above are the links that will take you to 98 different groups in Canada providing help after an abortion.

Here's how:
Click on the main link up top, then click CONTACT US to choose your province. Or just click one of the province's links.

Click the "down arrow" to the right of the white menu box, select a centre and click SHOW PROFILE. Not all centres have websites, but all have crisis hotline phone numbers listed and are all available to help in nonjudgmental ways.

Once you're on a centre's website, click on POST-ABORTION, "I'VE HAD AN ABORTION" (or similar), or SERVICES to find the post-abortion counseling information, or just call or email them directly if you have trouble finding it on their website.

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