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Monday, September 8, 2008

I can't help but wonder if this email we just received was inspired by Sarah Palin's example (more coming soon, I hope, on Sarah Palin and all the hooplah on Abortion Pundit blog):
Hello, We are very interested in adopting this child with down syndrome. We live on a wonderful farm. My husband is a physician, and I am a counselor and nurse. Please get back with us.Thank you, [name withheld by us for privacy sake]
These blessed and giving emailers perhaps didn't see the 2004 date on what I presume was the post they were responding to (it happens, when google searches turn up the archived pages or when there were multiple posts on a single day, the date isn't obvious):
URGENT: Down Syndrome Unborn Child in Need of Adoptive Parents with Special Love and Graces....(SEE TWO NEW UPDATES BELOW, and WAY BELOW):

Got very brief word tonight, Friday, 8/27/04: "Spoke to Mom last evening. She still has not ruled out abortion. Pls just continue to pray. ~ Geri"

[Original post:]
I'm taking a big chance printing the direct email here, but it is urgent. Please: to anyone tempted to be spiteful or condemning, I pray to God to hold back your hand and prevent you from carrying out any nastiness.

Please email me, Annie or Geri.

If you or someone who know is willing to adopt a beautiful blessing with some special needs, this needs to be done ASAP as the mother has already scheduled an abortion, and doesn't think anyone wants her child! Please Pray!

From: Missionaries to the Preborn []
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 10:31 PM

Hello, everyone!

I've been speaking to an unmarried woman in her mid-30s, in her fourth month with a Down Syndrome Baby. She has an aborton scheduled.

She has relented and given us a few days to see if there is a family out there who wants to adopt her special-needs baby. Her family is totally against the abortion, and wants her to adopt the baby out. The birthmom was very insistent on going ahead with the abortion, so this respite of a few days buys us time.

Do you know of anyone right now ready to adopt a special-needs baby? It is probably better if they have gotten their home study or are in the process.

We need to have this woman speak to people who can take action now and convince her that her baby is wanted. If you don't know of any families, pls keep us all in prayer. I thank God we've been given this time to help her.

Thank you all. - Geri.
This was the decision she finally made:
GREAT NEWS! (or as I like to call it, "Answered Prayers Department")
"The Mom carrying the Down's Syndrome baby [see our Aug. 25 post] will not abort and she went to her dr's appt today. Our group bought her a used car so she can keep her appts and continue college as she lives in a maternity home she will move to next week.

Please continue with prayers.

I have a PO Box address for this group, if anyone wishes to help with prayer cards or donations or anything...just email me. Keep praying, please. Her journey is really just beginning and she'll need a lot of our thoughts and prayers.
Then in this post, another Down Syndrome baby, along with his non-DS twin, needing adopting. View Bryce's photo here and tell me he isn't the cutest little thing.

Back then, we also heard a happy update on the first DS baby, whom the mom decided to keep after all:
By February 2005, we heard from the CPC helper, Geri, that the mom who had been at first set to abort her child with Down Syndrome, had changed her mind after receiving over 600 emails of support and offers of help and adoption from multiple blog readers like all of you... and her unborn baby was now born:
I've met with baby Kristy, and she is wonderful! She was born on January 5, and is cute as a button.

She has no heart problems, and no hearing problems. Mom is madly in love with her daugher, and grandma and aunt and uncles also adore her. Mom is so very glad that others showed the worth of her baby before she could even begin to love her.

I thank you all so very much for your outpouring of love for this family. God continue to bless you and yours.

Because I've received over 600 e-mails originally, pls do not respond to this e-mail. We have other clients to take care of, and I'd be swamped once again. Please do know that I truly appreciated your concern and your prayers for this mom and her baby.

Shield of Roses
So this January 5, wish a silent Happy 2nd Birthday to baby Kristy, and right now, let's send all our friends an email with this new request and see if someone can help.
So now, come January 5, 2009, wish Kristy a happy 4th birthday!

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