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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Choose Life license plates by state: now in 22 states, raising money yearly to help fund crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) like those described in the table at the very top of this blog...

Also the money goes to the Safehavens for women to bring newborns they cannot care for...

All to support adoption efforts.

After all, if "pro-choice" truly does mean there's an alternative, another choice besides abortion for a woman in need of help about her unplanned, unwanted pregnancy, why shouldn't folks be allowed to donate to that alternative?

I can't count the number of times pro-choice folks have literally jumped down our throats, demanding,
"What have you done to help those women and babies after the baby's born, to survive, to get food and healthcare and shelter and a life?"
How does $8.7 million sound (as of April 2008)?

All to help those women and babies survive, get food, healthcare, shelter and a life.

How many license plates did that take? "400,000 plates have been sold or renewed in the 17 states" that had the plate available as of 9 months ago.

Considering that most of us will spend at least $25 or even $50 a week on a lunch or two and a Starbucks latte or five, it's a crying shame there aren't several millions of these plates on the road.

In my state, a specialty plate (other than the Choose Life plate) costs between $60 and $150. A vanity plate costs $90.

In my state, the Choose Life license plate costs $75 the first year, and $25 every year after that. DMV gets $65 the first year. The women and children get the rest.

I truly believe that no pro-life person who registers a car can honestly say they can't afford--even in this awful economic climate today--to donate the price of one week of lunches or 5 Starbucks coffees to help a woman in her most desperate hour of need: when she can't care for the baby she's just given birth to.

And if pro-choice folks in my state (or any state for that matter) want to help these same women really, actually have a "choice" other than abortion, they can even do so without sporting the plate on their cars.

It is about "choice", isn't it? It's about that choice including funding adoptions and helping the women who end up not aborting for whatever reason, after all.


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