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Monday, January 30, 2012

Resources for Men                                 ** UPDATED 2013 **

M.A.N.: Men and Abortion Network ... At www.menandabortion.NET

Reclaiming Fatherhood, currently with a youtube rap video by an Oakland, Calif. rapper about the loss of his child to abortion ... At www.menandabortion.INFO

Rachel's Vineyard Men's Site

Lumina: Hope & Healing After Abortion: Retreat Days just for men, including upcoming dates

Unborn Memorials... this is a project of...

Fatherhood Forever

Resources for Men dealing with grief over the abortion of a child, including at least 8 good books and 3 video/DVDs.

Silent No More stories, searchable by men's, women's and many subcategories of experience. There are 50 stories by men alone.

The opportunity to post your own regret of lost fatherhood.

We've been alerted that there is one Pro-Choice Men's Site to be careful of:
"Please note that is a pro-choice site. The author (Dr. Shostak) did some of the very early research on men after abortion, but this is a very confusing site which seems to support the need for abortion. It may not be helpful to the man who is suffering after an abortion loss. Men have told me they find it very confusing."

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