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Monday, January 23, 2012


Both blogs have been in hiatus since 2006 (AbortionPundit was active in 2008 only b/c of the election).

Yet even after 6 years of virtual-dormancy from new writing, AfterAbortion, as of Saturday January 14, 2012, still had almost 3,000 visits per month (about 100 daily, 647 weekly).

And they each average almost an hour staying, reading, on this site, when they visit.

Admittedly, the number of visitors has risen to such a level only as the MONDAY January 23rd, 2012 March For Life approaches.

Normally, it's between 2200 and 2500 visitors a month.

Think about that a moment. That's 26,000 to 30,000 visitors a YEAR, to a blog six years on hiatus that does no marketing, no PR, no "monetizing," no "AdSense words," no Facebooking, no tweeting, posts no cluttering ads in its sidebars, no nothing.

You really are not alone.
Postscript: Today, Jan. 22, 2012, the actual anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the traffic for the previous week ending Jan. 21 was 774 visitors, averaging longer than an hour each, and over 1,000 total page views by those 774 visitors.
And it's quite fascinating to me. With all the mass media's purposeful ignoring and under-reporting of this major annual event, pushing it down into the big black hole the media and the majority of politicians wish it to be in, the approach of the MFL still generates more people searching for help, more people coming to this blog. Daily.

I'm glad you come here, and I hope that you find something that helps. It's why it's still here.

Most of these individual visitors come from google searches such as we anonymously described here and here.

No visitor is identified, of course, and no one can track down who visits here. Your anonymity is assured.


PS: This year, January 22 is a Sunday when members of Congress are away from Washington D.C, so the annual March for Life will be the following day, Monday January 23rd.

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