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Thursday, February 2, 2012

That is completely racist. There are lots of women who have abortions for medical reasons as well as having them for personal reasons. Who are you to tell people how they can or can't live their lives. Why don't you stop spreading lies, and concentrate on making yourself a better person. You are not a doctor or a specialist at all, so when you go to med school and have studied this subject you will have the right to accurately write about abortions.
New commenter to that old post of ours.

Wow. The "race card"! I'm agog. Is that all you got? Oh. Sorry. Yeah, I think it is.

(sigh) It begins again. Same song, next verse. Does nothing ever change?

Hey, anyway, welcome. But you've asked for it. So here we go, updated for 2012:

Let me guess what college you attend or recently graduated from.

No co-blogger lies on this blog. Grow up. You really should do some homework before you make a fool of yourself by saying stuff like that.

I'm publishing your comment because I find it interesting that as an abortion supporter you are spouting the same tired old attack that all left-leaning, Obama-loving folks recently have done whenever they hate someone else's research or opinions: go right to the Obama Party Playbook and just call them "racists."

Really, it is a rote, immature thing to say.

It is even more ridiculous, actually, as there's nothing whatsoever in this post or any of our posts that is in the least "racist."

And even worse, it actually proves it is you who are "the racist" and you don't even know it. Yet.

I culled and reported the valid, peer-reviewed published medical/scientific research for everything I ever reported.

You should hold that same standard to the news media outlets you most likely listen to when they are supposed to accurately report same, but you don't, because THEY don't.

You don't like Johns Hopkins research? We linked to that study, among others, in this long-ago post:
"While the majority of breast cancer affects women over the age of 50, extremely malignant forms tend to afflict women under age 40 more commonly... However, epidemiological data show that among women under age 35, African-American and Hispanic women are disproportionately affected by breast cancer. In one national hospital survey, 6.3% and 6.2% of all breast tumors treated at the participating hospitals were among African-American and Hispanic women under age 35, compared to only 2.8% for non-Hispanic white women under age 35."
In 2004, black women had 3 times the rate of abortions as Caucasian women. African-Americans at that time were 13% of our population, yet they were having over 35% of all abortions.

Now in 2011, it seems it's something like 3 to 5 times as many black babies are being aborted as white. You really, honestly believe there is no relationship between these facts??

Don't take my word for the stats. Some of it is in these videos by this and other black organizations.

Would you be interested to know who thinks exactly what is racist? Go ask the people of color and various ethnicity, like those folks who put together that video series on the subject of abortion targeting minorities.

Or ask Eve Sanchez Silver, who in September 2004, resigned her position as a charter member of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's National Hispanic/Latina Advisory Council. She had learned “that Komen's affiliates have helped fund Planned Parenthood.” She said, “It makes me wonder what other abortion related agendas Komen may be supporting…Is one hand washing the other?”

Go read what Day Gardner says. She's the head of the National Black Pro-Life Union.

Especially click on the tab that says "Margaret Sanger and The Negro Project". (Then read this post for a 2012 update on the possible interpretations of that.)

Ask Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself, who in 2009, said, "Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion."

And listen to the actual quotes of Planned Parenthood's founders, found at this website and others.

Then watch what they are saying about that movie.

Ask my friend Charnette who knows her breast cancer at a very young age was caused by her prior abortion.

Ask Rev. Childress why he thinks Obama is "the face of black genocide in America today."

Then: after. all. that. DYOR and perhaps even more on your very own, I invite you to come back and explain to us how exactly it is that WE'RE "racist."

And there are NOT "lots of women who have abortions for medical reasons" actually. Your being ignorant of that fact, as well as all the others above, doesn't change any of the actual facts.

I ask you what you asked me: "Who are you to tell people how they can or can't live their lives?"

You seem to be telling folks—especially 15 million black babies—they can't live AT ALL, by your support of abortion.

Lastly, if only doctors or specialists are allowed to accurately write about abortions, then you must dismiss and abandon every news media story about abortions that you've ever swallowed hook line and sinker.

But you probably never will. Too bad.

Best of luck with that college education of yours.

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