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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Michiganders helping women grieving their abortions
I recently heard about your website and hotline through a Rachel's Vineyard Leadership e-group. I am director of a local Project Rachel ministry for post-abortion healing and also the Site Leader for our Grand Rapids (west Michigan) Rachel's Vineyard Retreats. It was suggested by someone on our e-group that we contact you to give you our local contact information for those who call or email looking for access to local services (which also include referrals to specially trained clergy and counselors). Could we give you our contact information so that you might be able to list us as an option for those who contact you?

Thank you,

Maggie Walsh
Project Rachel Director
Rachel's Vineyard Site Leader
Catholic Charities West Michigan
(616) 340-1824
(800) 800-8284
"Trust the past to the mercy of God, the present to his love, the future to his providence." ~St. Augustine
Always glad to help pass along news of good people doing good post-abortion recovery work...and my mom's family is from Michigan, so I have a very fond place in my heart for the state...

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