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Monday, September 16, 2013

Forced abortion blamed for mental illness in Chinese woman
Wu and Gong, Anping Town natives, already had a son before Gong became pregnant again and they did not qualify for a second baby under China's family planning policy.
Wu said his wife disappeared on a November afternoon in 2011 and he made every effort to find her, only to be told she was in Lianyuan TCM Hospital.
When Wu arrived at the hospital, Gong had been given an injection to induce an abortion.
Li Yinying, head nurse in the obstetrics department, confirmed that Gong had been forcibly escorted to hospital. Wu said Gong told him she hadn't signed any agreement for medical treatment.
...Gong was diagnosed as schizophrenic by Shaoyang Brain Hospital in June.
She was 7 months pregnant at the time. God help her. I'd be schizophrenic too. Think of what the Chinese government put her through, next time you buy anything made in China.

And I just love how this over-two-year-old "survey" (aka, a meta-analysis of several other, but not all, studies) on abortion's effect on women's mental health or illness "finds" that abortion doesn't increase the chances of mental illness, but unwanted pregnancy does...

...and not one month later, in January 2012, that "survey's" main author, Professor Tim Kendall, of the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH) at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK), published again, in the British Journal of Psychiatry, this time opining that we shouldn't pay any attention to the two recent OTHER meta-analysis studies (go to the reply by David M. Fergusson) that found that "abortion leads to a deterioration in mental health", because, and again I quote,

"Meta-analysis is particularly susceptible to bias in this area."

You almost have to laugh.

So when the British Royal shrinks don't like one or two supposedly biased-against-abortion meta-analyses, just come out with your own biased meta-analysis to "find" the opposite.

I heard someone say recently how fascinating it was that all throughout Princess Kate's pregnancy, the royals, the press, the world, gushed over the Royal Baby. The Royal Heir. The attention, money and time spent on that unborn child, the care bestowed, was amazing.

Amazing. For 10 months, heck, for years prior to even his conception, with every possible suspected baby bump photo of Kate, the whooshing whirlwind of fawning attention was focused on THE ROYAL BABY.

Not once, in all the 10 months before he was born, did the mainstream media and 99% of folks ever call Prince George-to-be the Royal Fetus. Or the Royal Embryo. Or the Royal Clump of Cells.Or even the Royal Zygote!

None of the major media would have dreamed of it. Because it would have brought the spectre of abortion into the cozy Royal picture, and we couldn't have that.

So...the difference is...he, unborn all along, was wanted, and those who aren't wanted, aren't.

And that, to my eternal grief and shame and that of far too many of us, women and men, is the only difference there ever has been.

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