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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Josiah Speaks To His Fellow Millennials

He's probably about my own son's age. Early 20s. Speaking to the teens, tweens and 20-somethings.

I hesitated to post this. Some of the words chosen may make some of us who are post-abortive already, wince. So I might add that caution, to understand that, by posting this, it is not meant to show condemnation if you've had an abortion. We ourselves have had abortions. We know now what we chose was the wrong choice, but we have always welcomed respectful visitors to this blog whether they agree with us or not.

I decided to post it, though, because, this young man has every right to be as intensely passionate about his subject as he is. And when you learn why, it will be understandable why he chose to use certain words we don't use and don't allow in our comments.

If you or I could put ourselves in his shoes, we might feel the same.

But there is no one who can tell me he's just a really good actor to feel this emotion. It's his actual life, and his message to his peers.

The Youtube link is here.

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