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Thursday, April 17, 2014

St. Jude Warrior-To-Be ---YIKES

That's someone else's LAST year's video, but you got the point. I can't imagine anyone looking at the photos in that video with a dry eye and NOT being able to spare one. lousy. dollar. to help these kids and families.

I mentioned in this post how I'm hoping to get in shape enough to do a Warrior Dash in my son's state later this year, raising money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.
Please: donate--even just one lousy dollar--online at my personal Warrior Dash webpage You can even do it ANONYMOUSLY, I'll never know your name, and if not anonymous, you can choose how you want your name to appear and can choose not to show the amount you give. There's even a way to choose mailing it in, but check out this video too at the official homepage first and

Meet the REAL St. Jude Warriors.

If I reach my goal, we can pay for one day of oxygen, AND one transfusion unit of red blood cells, for a St. Jude patient like those in the videos. Check out my webpage for the other things your donations can do.Some St. Jude Warriors have raised over $1,000 and are now shooting for $2,000! Wow. Maybe I'll up my goal? Depends on you!
And we can help St. Jude's prevent kids like Christi Thomas and Jessica Joy Rees, memorialized in that video, from succumbing to their disease.
I figure, heck, if these kids can fight cancer as hard and as bravely as they do, this 50+ year old tub of a woman can plan for this 5K obstacle course/run.
Need more reasons to help these kids? How about 30 more reasons?
Know someone else who's planning a Warrior Dash anywhere else? You can search for them and donate to them here.
And while I'm here, it's Holy Thursday. Blessings to all, because of it.

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