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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Abortion and Cutting

A British "mummy blogger" named Emma White posted this woman's story this past April on her blog, Mental Health for Parents, about her depression after her abortion leading her to cutting. A sad, not uncommon story, but she did find peace and was able to have children later and enjoy being a "mum."

The website has this article about "After Abortion Self-Cutting", as well as another page just on the subject of cutting alone. They seem to be a useful site, offering others' stories that could help someone cope better. My son, as a young high-schooler, once briefly dated a girl who cut, and I know someone now who used to, and is thankfully coping and even thriving pretty well now and is a joy to be around. I guess it's a distraction from deeper pain.

Anyone know of other sites on the relationship between abortion and cutting, we're all ears.

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