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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More on the Woman Who Filmed Her Own Abortion

Alfonzo Rachel comments, to the effect that "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" (to quote Hunter S. Thompson).

This fellow also has some interesting points, not all of which I agree with, in his video response.

And this one has an even more interesting observation: that she started out as a birth dula, but became a dula who instead, helps women have abortions.

Let that sink in. Really.

She's written and done interviews about being drawn to the birth of babies, and is quoted as having said that she "became a birth junkie", that she marvels at life, at her ability to make a life, and feels awe in the life that is a baby, thennnnnnn somehow, slides over into how she felt compelled to help women end those lives.

I've no idea who Josh Cardosi is, but he hits the nail on the head, saying,

"What kind of a person do you have to be, to be fascinated by something, to be attracted by something, like, you don't go, 'Man, I LOVE architecture, and then, when I got into DEMOLITION! You know, it really SATISFIED me!!'"
And before you object that we shouldn't hear from men on the subject, why exactly not? The standard "it's not their bodies that will suffer through unwanted pregnancy" argument really doesn't hold water anymore.

Especially when there really is so much help for women in desperate situations needing physical, actual, pre-natal, survival, medical care, places to live, food to eat, and help of any necessary kind (see all the links we provide above and in the sidebar and have done so for over a decade).

And it's kind of sad when people who claim "settled science" when it comes to climate change, refuse to accept the longstanding settled science of internationally recognized, expert scientists in embryology. The new life inside us when we are pregnant is not equal to our bodies, is not even a body part. Any biologist will tell--and has told--us that.

And it does affect others.

Often, we hear the "it's not men's business" argument, too.

It became their business when we let them into our beds.

Do we honestly think we women are the only human beings with rights? Men can't have rights, babies can't have rights. Only women? Rather selfish of us, isn't it (myself included, once upon a time)?

The men who father our children, unborn or born or aborted, are fully one-half of that equation, in every single case, and always will be, whether they want to be or not, whether we women like it or not. And I'm not a happily-married, "make-excuses-for-men-because-I-love-mine" woman. I'm a woman of the nasty-divorce-bad-relationships-history variety.

There are millions of American (and not American) women regretting our abortions, Joy and Emily and myself included.

How do I know this? Well, I've personally met a couple thousand of them, but it depends on which source you rely on, and how biased they are.

Does the National Abortion Rights Action League, or NARAL, tell us that more women regret it? No, they tell us that women don't regret it, for the most part. If they admitted that they did, NARAL would be out of business, and their executives get paid exceedingly well. So much that they would be considered 1%-ers. Look it up for yourselves. I have.

Does Planned Parenthood tell us that more women regret it? No, for the same reasons, plus the fact that they provide abortions.

You can do a google search on "how many women regret their abortion" and get all kinds of links. Try it.

Does David Reardon, or any researcher, have much to gain by doing independent, objective, data-gathering, research that finds that more women do regret our abortions? Hardly. In the past 10 years, I've seen far too many pro-life organziations disseminating objective information go under or have to start charging $40 a document because pro-choice groups ordered so many of their originally-free copies that they almost drove the pro-life groups under. $40? Gladly already paid and awaiting mine in the mail, thank you, but no one's getting rich being pro-life and don't you forget it.

But there are also tons of men aching in pain over what's been happening, as shown by the many who utilize the numerous resources linked to there, to help them in their grief.

I did a tally in 2006 that was a rough estimate based on how many women (and men) had attended Rachel's Vineyard retreats and others like them. Maybe it's time to do another estimate, because all those recovery services we've linked to in our AfterAbortion blog have only grown exponentially since 2006.

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