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Friday, September 19, 2014

New Reposting of My Columns at

I've just discovered a new (?) reposting of my old columns, the still-relevant ones, today, at I am flattered. They'd been in archival pages for awhile. I'll have to let them know of a couple of changes, though: the email addy they post is now defunct. Best email for me/us now is the one at the right in our sidebar. And I'm no longer Connecticut State Leader of Operation Outcry: Silent No More Awareness, though the two organizations still thrive, albeit separately again. They still do good work: the first one being more a legal/activism group, the second one being more focused on just helping women (and men) who regret their abortions--or involvement in one--feel not so alone. On that latter site you can read about Julie Holcomb, the woman who was forced by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith to have a saline abortion years ago.

If you'd like an "I REGRET MY ABORTION" sign of your own, you can contact or you could even email me, Annie, and I'll send you one.

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