an After abortion: Psychotherapist: "Large Proportion of Women" in Therapy Are Post-Abortive And Sorrowful

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Psychotherapist: "Large Proportion of Women" in Therapy Are Post-Abortive And Sorrowful

"But she felt that the women of the 70s who had blazed the 'termination trail' had failed to tell the next generation that abortion can leave a legacy of misery."
From a June 2014 web article in the UK called "Coping with a termination of pregnancy", by Christine Webber, psychotherapist, on the website "NetDoctorUK."
"Over the years, I've noticed that a large proportion of women who come for therapy have terminated a pregnancy. As they begin to talk about the abortion, they become very emotional and express feelings of great sorrow and confusion.

"Some of these women are astonished that having a termination has affected them so badly, despite believing they were right to halt the pregnancy."

The doctor plays both sides safely, though, citing but not providing a link to a single 2011 UK meta-analysis (study of other, previously-done studies) which concluded that "the incidence of mental health problems in women who have an unwanted pregnancy was the same whether they had an abortion or not."

This is a tennis match that's been going on for over two decades now: batting down one side's "study", etc.

If there really is no problem of poorer mental health in women who've had abortions, then no psychiatrists, no psychotherapists, no Skilled Nursing Facilities would be treating it in women.

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