an After abortion: Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood's Research BFF, Wrings Its Guilty Hands

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood's Research BFF, Wrings Its Guilty Hands

The Guttmacher Institute outright proves its pro-abortion-bias with this one: "A new report out today from the Guttmacher Institute shows that 57 percent of women now live in a state considered to be hostile or extremely hostile to abortion rights."

Hostile? They really used that word to demonize anyone who dares to disagree with them that abortion is a good thing?

Yes, they did. It's what they do.

That would be the Alan Guttmacher Institute, named for one of PP's longtime early Presidents, the one that's been the in-house "research division" of Planned Parenthood or its "special affiliate" for its first 39 years of existence, and still carries its water for it even over the most recent 8 years and counting.

The article cherrypicks some polls that reportedly "find" more Americans are also pro-abortion, ignoring others that say they aren't or which clarify the muddy-question-and-broadstroke-definitions problems associated with many of these polls.

For example, Gallup also found this in May 2014:

A second long-term Gallup trend, this one measuring Americans' views on the extent to which abortion should be legal, finds 50% saying abortion should be "legal only under certain circumstances," or in other words, favoring limited abortion rights. This stance has prevailed since 1975 [read: it's gone as high as 59% and never below 50%]. However, a combined 49% of Americans takes a more hardline position, including 28% saying abortion should be legal in all circumstances and 21% believing it should be illegal in all circumstances.
So if 50% favor limited abortion rights, and another 21% believe it should be illegal in all circumstances, that can be counted (but neither Guttmacher nor the press ever do) as 71% "favoring limiting abortion in all or most circumstances." But they don't ask the question that way because then they'd have to hide the true answer!

Maybe Guttmacher hasn't figured it out yet, but that's probably why, if more and more states have elected officials voting in more and more restrictions to abortion, then guess who's doing all the voting-into-office of all those politicians?

Just might be the majority of the citizens, say, maybe 71% of them?

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