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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hiatus Interruptus?

Welcome (back)!

Some friends and I recently have been discussing the state of the "pro-life movement," its leaders in particular, with no small dismay.

We who have had abortions and now regret them are just one mostly-silent slice of that population. We are not (or at least we feel should not be) in the market for making a living out of this, or capitalizing on our experience or our efforts post-abortion.

It's why this blog never launched a fundraising campaign to our readers or otherwise did Google Ads or took a cent of advertising or other monies, though most other "pro-life" websites and blogs seem to have done so to stay afloat. We're just a few working stiffs who've had to try to stay healthy and keep a meager roof over our heads with our day-jobs and it's why the blog went on hiatus for so long while we struggled.

I don't fault anyone for trying to raise funds to stay up, and I believe many pro-life folks feel they're doing a good service providing education, information, help, when they host all their conferences and speakers year-in, year-out, aiming for a better day when abortion is not accepted, not necessary (except to save the life of the mom, as even the Catholic Church allows for).

I just never wanted to be one of those who got up at a national pro-life confab and got applauded for being "Annie Banno of AfterAbortion blog." I never wanted to be congratulated, lauded, for that. I never wanted to presume to call myself something "great" or "catchy." I never wanted to self-ordain myself as having "my finger on the pulse" of anything. I have no "living," no "means of income" from this, to protect and keep providing for me.

We here at AfterAbortion blog just wanted to have our lost children back.

And since we couldn't do that, all we could do was blog here, hiatus notwithstanding, and try to "finish the whole race" by helping others like us, and still others to maybe not become like us.

So, to my dying day, that's what I, Annie, will be doing here. Hopefully, in 2015, we'll be getting back to (almost) daily blogging here as we did before, and updating the sidebars and links as we go along.

We may never regain the large community of readers here that we had established a decade ago when we first started, but then again, we might in time.

Whichever, it's still worth it to post information, help, resources for women, men and families in pain from their abortion experiences. Whether or not we get pats on the back and worldly recognition for it.

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