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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Found this old website, calling itself, and talking about safety of abortion and thought it had some other interesting things to say:
What this Web Site is about

Know up front that this site is ProWoman!

I hope you have just understood that this is a challenge for you and all to consider what constitutes a good choice. The term "Prochoice" being promoted predominantly in most media as only one choice, the choice of abortion. What else is there? Why is that the only choice? Because if you believe what some say, if you don't promote abortion you are anti-choice. This site partially exists so this lame argument is brought to light.

As of yet, I have not seen that occur with Planned Parenthood. Ask someone who has been there that would be honest about it. The WebMaster was (note:WAS) VERY for abortion, and has been privy to much of the inner workings and motivations behind the industry. If you look at the lower section of the home page it reads: "This Site is dedicated to all the women that were told they had a choice, but never had it explained to them that there is more than one. " Someone challenged the WebMaster to seriously evaluate arguments for and against and let them stand on their own merit. The findings were shocking! It is very hard to "peel away" feelings to see the facts. We are hoping that this site will post the most accurate information possible. (So if you have any, let us know.) Abortion advocates have shamefully acted like the tobacco industry did in the past, trying to say there are no harmful effects. From everything we have found so far, Abortion would be the absolute worst choice out of all that are available. Which brings me to an important point... An abortion is recognized as a medical procedure. Ask yourself; What would qualify an individual to recommend a medical procedure? (let alone a web site)

That's a really good point I've never heard made before. And they do a great job with this graphic summarizing how the issue isn't just two sides of a coin, it is really four sides of a diamond.

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