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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shame And To Blog Or Not To Blog

Josh Brahm of Clear Pro-Life Thinking discusses shame--and shaming--in regards to post-abortive regret, and respectfully "debates" with a pro-choice abortion practitioner/friend on the subject. Read the whole post. I wish more so-called pro-lifers were like Josh.
"I think some pro-choice people would go farther than that though and say that me making a moral argument against abortion in public, even on a blog or on Facebook, is an act of shaming because a post-abortive person could hear or read that argument and feel shamed. I don’t think that’s an act of shaming though. There’s clearly no intent to shame people and if someone as a result feels shame, it seems like this should go in the first category of personally felt shame. If we’re going to say that nobody should be allowed to debate topics in public that could possibly cause somebody to feel shame, nobody will be talking about anything important in public. Clearly that’s not the way for our society to move forward."
We've never advertised or Google-ad'd this blog. We've never sought or taken a penny for what we do here. We've got non-existent to miserable social media skills and no major, relevant "feeds", no Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr, no nothing, since the blog's inception. We're inept about publicity, in all regards. Yet this blog has had over half a million visitors who found it and visited at length, all on their own, looking for help, for an answer, for relief, for recovery from the shame they finally feel over their abortion or their involvement in one.

Now twelve years running and still going, we only hope to help by being that kind of safe, protected, unjudging resource. Welcome. Check out the WHO WE ARE at right in the sidebar to learn more.

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